Friday, June 27, 2008

Insomnia helps me once and a while? It's true, I rarely miss out at the end of a party. When I actually do get a night off, I can stay up late and do any thing I want. While others are sleeping I'm getting alone time to do what I need to do. Unfortunately I don't usually get what I want done but at least I have good intentions of doing things.
Like I have said I'm learning to live with it. That's what humans do. They adapt to their situation.
In the end, hopefully I feel like it has made me mentally more aware and more stable. I would like to say I can be more focused. But that depends on the day or how many days I've gone without enough sleep if I got any sleep at all.


YourInsomniaCure said...

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Paul Clos said...

I think it's stress related.