Friday, June 27, 2008

Insomnia helps me once and a while? It's true, I rarely miss out at the end of a party. When I actually do get a night off, I can stay up late and do any thing I want. While others are sleeping I'm getting alone time to do what I need to do. Unfortunately I don't usually get what I want done but at least I have good intentions of doing things.
Like I have said I'm learning to live with it. That's what humans do. They adapt to their situation.
In the end, hopefully I feel like it has made me mentally more aware and more stable. I would like to say I can be more focused. But that depends on the day or how many days I've gone without enough sleep if I got any sleep at all.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Three days of very little sleep. About five hours total. And here I am again... I tried all day today to fall asleep. Only to get more irritable every passing hour. So I had to get up and post on the computer. Maybe staring at the screen will make me drowsy. My eyes have been burning all day as well. Soon I will probably get a headache or have one all day tomorrow.
But I will attempt to fall asleep once more in hopes that I get more than just a few hours.
Outlook, not so good...

Sunday, June 1, 2008

I was late about 21 minutes saturday, I had worked 13 days in a row. Not that I was on time all thirteen days but I was warned not to be late again the day before. Sleep deprived me on friday night/saturday morning.
How am I to explain myself?
Under Comments I put,
"Insomnia, it troubles 60 million Americans. Everyday..."
I wish I had put more like "over! 60 million" or "Insomnia affects me" in some way.
I got only a written verbal warning? Luckily.